Under The Radar - The Buffalo 7-11 Set Up


By Francis White 

People often only focus on the inanimate when they talk about having a sustainable neighborhood. The people who live there are to me the most important part of the puzzle. If they don't exist, or aren't living right, then the whole concept really doesn't work. The condition of the neighborhood includes; the houses, the apartments, the parks, the amenities, the businesses, the stores, the community centers, the modes of transportation, the people and how the people make their money. If there is no economy or if it's a weak one, you're looking at a house built on quick sand - it's only a matter of time before it sinks to the bottom.

Worker Justice, or the idea that people who work (are employed) somewhere should be treated fairly is not a new concept. There have been wars and "Industrial Revolutions" waged over this idea throughout the world for hundreds of years. I'm not Nostradamus, but I predict that as long as the people are more plentiful than the corporation, there will always be some form of Worker Justice.

In Buffalo apparently, some 7-11 mini-mart stores have been setting some of their workers up for major shake downs and they're (the workers) reaching out to the community for protection. 


From John Washington an Organizer with PUSH Buffalo:

"7 Eleven Workers have been organizing for workplace protection after being tormented by harassment and robberies. Recently a worker at the Hertel (Avenue) store was RAPED on her shift. THIS HAS TO STOP please join People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo) and other groups standing with 7 Eleven Workers."

If you want to take action, you can join them tomorrow (Wednesday, March 4th) at 10:30am, outside the 7-11 mini-mart located at the corner of Elmwood and Auburn Avenues in Buffalo NY.