Under The Radar - The New "Green" Economy


By Francis White 

"Nickel bag gets sold in the park, I want in!!!!" 

I wonder what will happen to the underground economy when the artist formerly known as weed becomes all the way legal. When I was growing up, the cops, if they stopped you and you had some on your person, would either take it from you so they didn't have to pay for weed themselves if they smoked, or they'd use it as an excuse in "stop and frisk" style to take you down into the precinct for the night. These kind of activities usually happened in poor urban settings as most of the police were not from or didn't live in the neighborhood. 

We're living in different times.

It's funny what a couple of decades makes. I was reading an article recently about suburban Buffalo parents at an info meeting learning about some organizing that was going on in New York City around medical Mary J use that could have state wide ramifications. No issue here. 

In the same article there was also talk of entrepreneurs who could cash in on the potential new, but formerly underground economy. This new economy would be legal only if the new entrepreneurs register with the government and agree to a set of strict regulations and guidelines. So if people like Chris Webber, Snoop Lion, T.I., Cheech, Chong, and all the rest are ever caught with garbage bags of weed again, their only crime would be that they didn't get a licence from the government before hand to have all those extra bags.    

I wonder if all the people in jail for trafficking large amounts of marijuana, or who have felonies on their arrest records as a result of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time with the stuff will ever be forgiven. Will they have their records expunged, if and when weed becomes legal? Will they have the option to get a low cost loan and get into the business legally? After all, they have been living with the strictest regulations and have been registered with the government for a very, very long time.