Under The Radar - The Paladino Poll


By Francis White

Buffalo Business First recently ran a poll on Carl Paladino. The question was this; is your opinion of Carl Paladino favorable or unfavorable? Judging from the comments on the page, I wasn’t sure if the poll was rigged or not so I took the liberty to conduct my own poll. The question was the same and I received some responses from some pretty famous people, the results might surprise you. I’ve shared a few below.

“Carl is a man of the people. He puts his money where his mouth is. I’d trust him with my budget; I’d trust him with the city’s budget.” 

- Jeffrey Skilling, Former CEO of Enron 

“Carl fights for old time American family values, values that are missing today. If more Americans had these traditional values, this city and country would be a better place.” 

- David Duke, Former Grand Wizard of The Klu Klux Klan 

“If given the Republican presidential nomination, I’d make him my running mate. Together, we’d get America back on his feet, we’d make America great again.”

- Donald Trump, 2016 Republican Presidential candidate 

“I think that Carl has come under fire unnecessarily for perceived insensitivity towards minority groups, no one knows more about the plight of marginalized communities more than Carl.”

- Rachel Dolezal, former white person, who is now a former black person


I also went to Carl’s Facebook page and saw that he shared the Business First article. Some of his supporters are very interesting.