Under The Radar - Time For This Dude To Go


By Francis White 

“Yo, yo, somebody get cuz out of here, he’s already a little ignorant, and now he’s drunk. It’s time for this dude to go!!!!”

This is what you’d say to the ignorant person at your party who's had too much to drink. At the point where it registers in your brain that this person can’t control their liquor, that error prompt immediately goes off in your mental computer. The reason they got into the party varies; maybe they’re family and you didn’t want to break aunt Martha’s heart, maybe they’re an associate, and you know of their flaws, but you must tolerate them for some reason, maybe they weren’t invited and they just busted their way into the party – whatever the reason they got in and now you have to deal with them. But if push comes to shove, you’re willing to brush all that aside and kick them the hell out if they start doing too much.

Carl Paladino has over stayed his welcome in public life and it's time for him to go. This latest incident shows his continued dislike for women, people of color, Asians, the gay community, and other marginalized groups. This might have been cool in another era, like forty or fifty years ago, but in the new Buffalo, this type of outrageous behavior has no place, especially from a public official.   

Carl most recently has been elected to the Buffalo Board of Education and his stay on the board has been anything but constructive. Before that he ran for governor of New York State, a race that to anyone who followed or watched, he made being from Buffalo an even bigger joke than some comedians already make it. And, before that he was, and still is one of Buffalo’s biggest land lords, or depending on who you talk to slum lords (Ellicott Development).

Join everyone else in the party as we collectively put our feet together and prepare to give him the warm Buffalo exit from public office he deserves. Join us (and other community groups) in taking a pic with #MadAsHell and/or #CanCarl and share a selfie or pic via your social media network. This type of outrageous behavior has no place, especially from a public official in the new #BuffaloNY. We’ve had enough, We're mad as hell, we're not going to take it anymore, and we're going to do something about it. We’re going to turn up on this campaign until this dude is gone.