Under The Radar - Update: The Buffalo 7-11 Set Up


By Francis White 

I was telling you before about workers at Seven Eleven stores in the Buffalo NY area who have been fighting for their rights. Well management hasn't been liking that and management hasn't done much to address these unfair and unsafe working conditions for their workers. Coming up this Sunday August 30th, workers are teaming up with the Western New York Occupational Safety and Health Administration (WNYCOSH), the Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition and others to take more action on this issue. PUSH Buffalo has been working with WNYCOSH on joint monthly Thursday worker's rights and free legal advice events.

"Friends, As you know, the WNYCOSH Worker Center has been working alongside workers at 7-Eleven to improve safety conditions at their stores.

Join us on Sunday, August 30th at 12:30pm at the corner of Lancaster and Elmwood Avenues in Buffalo. We will march a couple blocks down to the 7-Eleven stage at the Elmwood Arts Festival (782 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo) for a speak-out to call on Paul Wydro, Field Consultant at 7-Eleven, to put the appropriate safety measures into place.

The workers at multiple 7-Eleven stores in Buffalo have repeatedly warned that they were being harassed and threatened daily with no action taken from their employer. Paul Wydro, the Field Consultant for eight stores in the Western New York region, including the store where the sexual assault occurred in February, has refused to accept a community-wide petition that calls for increased safety measures, such as staffing the guards on overnight shift.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has reinforced the workers’ call for safer conditions and issued a Hazard Alert Letter to 7-Eleven management stating that the issues at the store are preventable hazards and recommended steps for deterring violence. The workers are calling on 7-Eleven to put security guards and a minimum of two staff people on overnight shift.

Every worker has the right to a healthy and safe work environment and workers know what they need where they work to be safe.

Thank you,

Liz Smith-Rossiter, MPA

Worker Center Project Director

Western New York Council on Occupational Safety & Health"