Under The Radar Video - Veronica Nichols (Issues in the Fruitbelt Neighborhood)


By Francis White

I caught some video of a "We are Women Warriors" event sponsored by Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant yesterday. It was held over at the Frank Merriweather Jr. Library on Buffalo's east side. I like going to these types of events because you can hear many of the stories from the folks on the ground doing work that falls under the radar in Buffalo NY. Take for instance Veronica Hemphill Nichols a resident and organizer of Buffalo's Fruitbelt neighborhood. This is an area of the city near and around the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus on the east side. The Fruitbelt is facing a host of issues and Veronica took the mic for a minute to give us an update on what exactly is going on over there that one might not read in mainstream media outlets. I'll keep you posted on the next We Are Women Warriors event in case you want to attend.