Under The Radar: What is the Buffalo Green Code?


By Francis White

There has been much said about the Buffalo Green Code and what its impact could mean to the future of the city. Truth be told, there's been so much going on that I haven't had much time to really give you a background story. It's hard to say what its impact will be for sure, but as it is written, and if it is ratified by the Buffalo Common Council, it will change land use and zoning laws as we know it. So if you want to a open a business, shovel a side walk, make an improvement to your home, build new housing, make a bike path, a park, or any other land use/zoning thing, things will be different. Just how much different things will be is matter of debate and a matter for you to participate in. I've shared a couple perspectives of what could happen, one from Art Giacolone and Lonnie Barlow. They both give different critical looks at the green code that I think are worth checking out. And, you can form your own opinion or come to one of the upcoming community meetings about it.

There are a series of community meetings going around Buffalo about the green code, with one happening this Wednesday (January 13th, 2016) for folks living in the Niagara common council district (west side of Buffalo) at the Grant St Neighborhood Center.