Under The Radar - Who's Picking Buffalo's Next School Superintendent?


By Francis White 

You should be proud Buffalo, we're in the runnings for another Pulitzer Prize in Public Corruption. If we keep it up, we'll be the Phil Jackson or Red Auerbach of public corruption. We'll have so many awards, championship rings, trophies, and jackets dedicated to the art form, that they'll start building monuments and creating museum societies in our honor.


With all that being said, let's go to the public corruption scandal of the moment - somebody's going to try to pick Buffalo NY's next school superintendent this coming Wednesday, but will it be you? If you don't show up in big numbers at this next Buffalo Board of Education (BOE) meeting, this Wednesday April 29th, chances are it probably won't be you. 

As I was discussing before about efforts by big business, and some members of the Buffalo Board of Education to snuff out the public in the decision making of what happens in their schools, it appears that the same elements have moved on to their next strategy to seize Buffalo's schools from parents and students. 

Buffalo Interim School Superintendent Donald Ogilvie has put in his resignation from the BOE for July 1st, 2015 which is only in a couple of months. The same Legion of Doom who were (are) pushing to close at least 4 Buffalo high schools a little while ago appear to be leading this current effort. BOE board member Barbara Nevergold has a pretty good insight on this current situation on her blog.

Here's some basic mathematical values for corruption:

Power = can corrupt

Absolute power = can corrupt absolutely

You (The People) = have to act absolutely

Hopefully you'll come out and pack the board room this Wednesday April, 29th at The Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts, 450 Masten Ave in Buffalo. There's a press event outside at 4:30pm and the BOE meeting starts at 5:30pm. There's a Facebook invite here.