Under The Radar - WWP "The Fruit Belt Strikes Back"


By Francis White 

If you remember a little while back I was telling you about the parking wars taking place in Buffalo NY's Fruit Belt neighborhood. This older, African American, east side neighborhood near downtown Buffalo sits adjacent to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, a sprawling, newer hospital and state funded university research facility. This facility has brought with it newly constructed and remodeled buildings, its own hotel, restaurants and other amenities. It has also brought an influx of people into the neighborhood in the form of workers who number in the thousands on a daily basis. Longtime Fruit Belt residents have been dealing with issues of medical campus workers taking up all the parking spaces on their streets, blocking driveways, and leaving inadequate parking access for seniors. They have been organizing against a movement to make it legal for non-neighborhood residents to have carte blanche access to street parking in the neighborhood. Some Fruit Belt residents are fed up and are taking action.This coming Monday morning, August 10th they are organizing a park-in event in the neighborhood. 

From John Washington, Organizer with PUSH Buffalo and Open Buffalo who's been on the ground with Fruit Belt residents:

By failing to provide adequate and affordable parking for its many thousands of workers, the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus has placed an unfair and unbearable burden on the back of the Fruit Belt Neighborhood. Day after day, this historic residential neighborhood is beset by a flood of outsiders' cars, robbing homeowners and tenants of street parking spaces, access to their homes, and quality of life!

Resident leaders in the Fruit Belt and allies from across Buffalo are answering this injustice with action! Please join us Monday, August 10, for a peaceful Fruit Belt Park-In. We will convene at 6:00 am and occupy targeted streets with our cars, until 10 a.m. The Moot Center (292 High Street) will serve as our base of operations, where we'll enjoy a solidarity breakfast.

Bring yourselves! Bring your cars! Bring your friends!

On Aug. 10, we will send the message to the BNMC that its lack of a comprehensive employee parking plan should no longer be the Fruit Belt's problem.

For more information, please contact John Washington at john@pushbuffalo.org or call 716-704-8843 or 716-884-0356

Nuff said, may the Parking Enforcement be with you!