Under The Radar - You're Evicted

By Francis White

{So I've been on vacation and there's been a lot of stuff going on while I was away. The first day I get into the office back from break, and not even being there for 5 minutes, someone hands me the phone and says that Development Pimping wants to talk to me.} 

DP: What's up Frank? How are things going? Lol.

FW: Hello. What do I owe the honor of this call?

DP: The Displacement Machine isn't coming through Buffalo New York - its already here. Coming into a community, buying the property cheap, forcing old people, and ignorant people to sell, using imminent domain, lying to folks, and offering fake promises to kick people out is really an art form. I call it the "Art of Displacement". Lol.

FW: Art of Displacement? You really have lost it.

DP: No, I haven't lost it, but the West Side has lost it, the Fruit Belt is loosing it, and neighborhoods like Cold Spring are next. We're looking at Main Street and Jefferson Avenue. These people don't care, they're unorganized, and in most cases I was able to buy the local politician for crack head prices. Make America great again? Lol, America has always been great.

FW: You can think whatever you want to think. I won't say too much, you're going to see for yourself soon enough.

DP: What? Lol. You're not talking about that stupid community congress you guys just had? Frank, you fools are grasping at straws. That won't work because there will be no follow up. And, that so called Land Trust your friends are working on in the Fruit Belt? I wouldn't trust that. The other poverty pimps, myself, and the politicians I have bought at crack head prices will be enough to overcome anything you clowns could ever possibly throw our way.

DP: I also heard about that Veronica Nichols woman in the Fruit Belt who we're kicking out to the curb. We raised her rent by almost 50% and sold her some jive about this and that. I saw that article they had in the paper about her and it was a work of displacement art. No one is coming to her press conference starting at 5pm on Friday August 5th at Locust and Carlton streets in Buffalo's Fruit Belt. 

FW: Everybody's entitled to their opinion like everyone has a certain rear end body part. We'll see what happens. I'll talk to you later.