Vote Solar Petition Urging Governor Cuomo To Go Renewable


What if building owners with old or shady roofs, renters, and community residents who don't have money in the bank or cash in their pockets could finally access the benefits of renewable solar energy, including lower electric bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions? What would that look like? Would it even be possible?

Right now, New York State is taking steps to develop a shared renewable energy policy which could provide working families, small local businesses, and low income communities of color with opportunities to own solar panels that get installed on the roof of a building or on vacant lots in their neighborhood. The policy could also pave the way for community residents to form renewable energy cooperatives to develop shared solar projects that they democratically control and manage, and projects where local residents can get good paying jobs as solar panel installers or maintenance technicians. We're at a critical moment right now. A decision on a shared renewable energy policy is expected to be made in July. Electric utilities, concerned about their corporate power and profits, are resisting a strong shared renewable energy policy. We need Governor Cuomo and New York State's energy leadership team to support a strong shared renewable energy policy that puts people and planet first!

Join PUSH Buffalo and our partners in a statewide Shared Renewables Coalition in calling on the Governor to act now to move a strong shared renewables policy forward. To register your support for shared renewable energy, go here

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