I have a math question for you. Who are the 99%? Well if your math skills are as bad as mine I'll give you the answer and break it down into a simple equation. The answer is (drum roll please) we are the 99%. The equation that this answer is derived from is written as follows; 100% (all American citizens) – 1% (the wealthiest of Americans) = 99% (the rest of us). On October 17, 2011 a coalition of groups held a press conference at the headquarters of 1199 local Service Employees International Union (SEIU) which represents healthcare workers. Representatives from organizations like PUSH Buffalo, The NAACP, VOICE Buffalo, Citizen Action, The Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ), The Occupy Buffalo Movement, and many others were in the house. Listening to speaker after speaker the message sent to New York State's elected officials was clear; extend the millionaire's tax. What is the millionaire's tax? It is a surcharge on the wealthiest of New Yorkers that so far to date has generated in the neighborhood of $5 billion yearly. It expires in December of 2011. With continuing cuts in state services such as healthcare, education and transportation, the 99% can ill afford to let a $5 billion windfall come at our expense. The 99% are the average working man/woman, our seniors, the working poor, the unemployed, police officers, bus aides, nurses, firemen, postal workers, teachers and many others too numerous to mention. The 99% are hunkered down in the trenches of life everyday in the war for survival. The 99% are those struggling to pay back school, or home loans. Try telling that to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He recently said "The fact that everybody wants it doesn't mean all that much. I represent the people. Their opinion matters, but I'm not going to go back and forth with the political wind," Well Mr. Cuomo the majority of New Yorkers the 99% have spoken. The ball is in your court.