We Beat the Winter Blues at our PUSH Winter Bash!

This Saturday PUSH members and folks living around the Mass Ave Park got together to play in the snow, eat, dance, and celebrate our community on a beautiful winter day in Buffalo! A huge thank you to the Mass Ave Park team: Bob and Linda got the party going with snow painting; Rosey and Joann brought delicious cookies; Augustine cooked up gallons of hot chicken soup to keep us warm; Terry organized an awesome sled race; Mike manned the pinata; Michael assembled tug of war; and Nico made snow football happen. Plus we can't forget all the kids (young and old!) who kept snow flying through the air all afternoon and Ismail and Lonnie for filling the air with great dancing tunes! Amid all the fun, we updated partygoers about our progress on the community-created Mass Ave Park Revitalization Plan. Our team identified over $100,000 and got it committed to implementing Phase I of our Plan this summer! Now we're making sure the funding for the next phase is in place to keep our Plan moving forward. Our community deserves a safe, fun and accessible park! Everyone at the party was excited about what we've accomplished so far and energized to help us move forward because we know what we need where we live!