We Can't, Won't and Don't Stop: PUSH's Jobs and Housing Campaign Rolls Along

Our campaign is picking up some serious steam in the summer months! As all of you know, people know what they need where they live, and what the people have been saying is that Byron Brown's 5 in 5 plan isn't enough. We need a comprehensive approach; we need our Anti-Poverty Platform adopted. Even folks like Catherine Schweitzer of the Baird Foundation are getting in the on the mix as she recently stated, "There's no plan," in referring to the city. “Their strategy is a demolition-only strategy. There’s no sense of what should be saved.” PUSH's own E.D. Aaron, noting how Brown has repeatedly refused to meet with PUSH, stated the Mayor's administration suffers from "clinical paranoia" as far as dealing with groups like PUSH who are the vanguard of the fight against the housing crisis. Check out these two Buffalo News Articles and video which showcase Buffalo's abandoned housing crisis and point out the flaws in Byron's 5 in 5 plan: Neglected homes and vacant lots leave Buffalo residents angry and Buffalo wants to tear down its abandoned homes Also, check out this video called Tear them down, an additional spot courtesy of the Buffalo News. PUSH would like to extend special thanks to the residents of Pooley Place and our organizer Alayna for fighting tooth and nail to bring these issues to the attention of the City and the media. As we bring our campaign into the summer months and step on the gas pedal and rev the engine, PUSH just wants to remind you that real people have real power and that when anyone says they care about our city and means it, they put people first. So let's keep on, keepin' on and get our Anti-Poverty Platform adopted in City Hall because our neighborhoods won't wait!