We're Planning Our Park!

On Wednesday October 14th, PUSH, architect Kevin Connors and 100 neighborhood residents teamed up at the Butler Mitchell Boys and Girls Club to make a plan for the City park behind the building. We broke into small groups to popcorn ideas, write them down and vote on the ones everyone liked best. Some of the more popular ideas for the park were: having a swimming pool, more lights and security, and making a soccer/football field where people can play among countless other great suggestions. The ideas generated will now be taken back to our architect, Kevin Connors, who will then incorporate them into a draft of the park plan which will then be available for public comment. We are determined to make this park a place where people want to go instead of a place they're afraid to go! The park renovation is part of PUSH's Healthy Neighborhood Concept Plan, strategically targeting houses, lots and greenspace in the Mass. Ave corridor for rehabilitation. PUSH believes deeply in the community planning process and that people know what they need where they live. With real input from real people who live near the park, we can make this place a centerpiece of the neighborhood for years to come! We would like to thank everyone who came and helped out, especially our facilitators, the Boys and Girls Club Staff, and of course, all the neighborhood residents!