West Side Takes Wall St.!

On April 29th 30 PUSH members, leaders, and staff joined our allies at National People's Action the AFL-CIO, PICO, SEIU, and Move-On.org at a 10,000 person rally and march in NYC to hold big banks accountable for their role in the economic crisis that has hit our communities across the country. Wall Street wrecked OUR economy and now it’s high time that they FIX IT! We also went down there to ask the politicians that are supposed to be for us, “Which side are you on?” Are they with the big banks that destroyed our neighborhoods, cut our jobs and services and got rich off of our misery? Or, are they with us, the people to whom they’re responsible to? We need to know because it’s more important than ever that we hold these people accountable and force them to take a stand, make a choice, and answer the question, “Which side are you on?” Hopefully we’ll keep hearing the right answers as the fight continues. In addition to the rally and march, PUSH helped NPA take over the lobbies of Chase Bank and Wells Fargo/Wachovia in order to get our message of reform to the leadership and CEOs of those institutions. We chanted, sang, and refused to be moved until a letter with our demands in it was delivered to the offices of the CEOs! A big thank you to Heidi Hines of the Mary Mitchell Center the the Northwest Bronx Community Clergy Coalition for hosting us and letting us catch some must-needed rest. We look forward to continuing the work on May 15th-17th when we will meet up with NPA in Washington D.C. for the Showdown on K Street! If you fired up and can’t take it NO MORE, and want to come to D.C. give us a call @ 884.0356 In the meantime, please check out these press clips from the actions on Thursday: New York Times New York Daily News New York Post Dylan Ratigan, CNN, Democracy Now: CNN Democracy Now