Winning Back Our Democracy at NPA 2011

Wow, have we been busy! From Washington, DC, to Albany, PUSH members have been hard at work taking action to win back our democracy from corporate control. Our government is facing a revenue crisis because it's not bringing in enough money to meet it's expenses, like schools, health care, HEAP and other programs folks rely on. But there's good news: we found the money! It's on Wall St, down at National Fuel, and in the pockets of the Committee to Scam New York. In Washington, twenty-five PUSH members and hundreds of folks from other community organizations nationwide got together for the National People's Action annual conference. When we arrived on Saturday, Brenda introduced our PUSH crew to the entire conference: "We, we are the Mighty Mighty PUSH!" On Sunday, PUSH members James, Nico, Dorian, Bob, Jen and Lonnie shared their stories of what we're building in Buffalo and helped facilitate discussion in four different workshops about bank accountability, green jobs and CDBG. On Monday, Tato, Saint, and Shawn really shined as marshals when we shut down Bank of America and visited Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell in their offices to send the message that we are fed up with bankers and corporate executives getting richer and richer on the backs of the poor and working class! Check it out: After all of the action, we met with policy officials at HUD and our Senators Schumer and Gillibrand. We told HUD officials about our Green Development Zone and asked them to support community-driven community development solutions that work! We asked our Senators to oppose any cuts to the HEAP and CDBG programs their constituents rely on because this is a revenue crisis, not a budget crisis! Thank you to NPA and all of the affiliates for another amazingly powerful conference. We had a really great time building power with all of you!